Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Our Last Night at Blackberry Cottage

Our last night at Blackberry Cottage is bitter sweet. We sat on the deck and drank in the aroma of the forest and the grandeur of our fir and cedar cathedral. We will miss the stand of 100 year old trees. There is a lot we will miss - friends, our home, a market where they know us by name, water as smooth as glass, the garden, the library, walks in the woods. 

Even though we will miss these things we are happy to be going home to a place and people we have known all our lives. We look forward to this new adventure with great anticipation. The time is right for new experiences.

We have lived life to the fullest here on Bainbridge and we are forever changed because of it. The public art projects, the arts education and art docent projects, Rolling Bay, the library, design projects, Gary's clients, and people we will never forget. These eleven years form the foundation for the next chapter.

Who knows what tomorrow may bring.

1 comment:

  1. All love and gossamer wings on your moving day.
    From the Nomad Dreaming in the July morning sunshine.