Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Unpacking the Last Box

I unpacked the last box on Friday. I guess technically it wasn't really the last one since some have been stored away unopened and all I did was repack the contents of the big box into two smaller boxes. I'm going to declare it the official last box anyway since it was the final building block of the "great wall of china" stacked up for weeks in the dining room.

We moved in one month ago today so maybe it's about time I emptied the last box. Wait a minute . . . when I think about it, the last four weeks haven't been spent just sitting around eating bon bons. A few statistics from our first month:
  • Unpacked more than 60 boxes and recycled a mountain of paper
  • Installed shelf paper on 32 shelves
  • Survived 6 days of 90+ degree temperatures
  • Cleaned my father's house 4 times (I've only cleaned my own house once)
  • Installed 4 sets of coat hooks, 1 pot rack, 3 shelves, and 34 artworks
  • Arranged and rearranged furniture more times than I care to think about
  • Ate at 3 of Gary's favorite restaurants (Oh how I love those onion rings and martinis)
  • Took several walks including a 3.5 mile hike around the Laurelhurst neighborhood
  • Visited the library 4 or 5 times (Gary's already finished 4 novels and I've read 2 books on Portland architecture and 3 on Aboriginal Art)
  • Watched 4 film noir movies and 7 or 8 old Rosemary and Thyme episodes on DVD.
  • Jogged a 3 mile loop around the golf course 8 or 9 times (it is hard to keep a tally on jogging days when my brain is so deprived of oxygen)
  • Attended 1 marimba concert in the park
  • Biked the waterfront Esplanade
  • Entertained family and/or friends for dinner 3 times
  • Added 10 new blog posts
It seems like it has taken forever, but now that the boxes are out of the way we are finally starting to feel settled in our cozy new home. 

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