Saturday, July 18, 2009


My fleet of five paper boats was launched on Tuesday this week. I placed them carefully in a mailing pouch with a note about their history and sent them off to explore the world via US airmail. Each day I wonder where they might be - perhaps first a plane to New York followed by an international flight. Have they arrived in London or another city in the UK? Maybe they are at this moment on a train to the most northern tip of Scotland where they will be greeted by someone I've never met.

Most days the world's problems seem too overwhelming and I feel like I am too insignificant to make a difference. Participation in this global project to support a house museum thousands of miles away has expanded my thinking. Every small action by itself is just a drop in the bucket, but thousands of drops soon overflow. Who would think I and many others would be charmed by the simple idea of making paper boats? 

We visited a local house museum today. As we looked at the furniture, clothing, toys, photographs, and ephemera of a family that came here by wagon train more than 150 years ago, I thought about Mary Ann's Cottage - a place I had never heard of a few weeks ago. I want to say thank you to an artist in Scotland for your grand idea.

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