Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Day #10 - Home Again

3,117 miles, 1,000 photos, 10 states in 10 days, 7 motels/B & Bs, 2 tired travelers, and 1 fantastic journey.

We made it home from Twin Falls, Idaho in about nine hours. As we started to see trees again along the Columbia Gorge, Rebecca said she could breath easier. She also noticed an increase in bumper stickers on cars and trucks. Our car was the only one we saw with stickers in all of Montana, North & South Dakota, Wyoming, Utah, and Idaho.

When Rebecca proposed this trip about a year ago, I wasn't sure we could pull it off. Tonight I am happy to be home and proud of my daughter and our accomplishment. It will take a while to process everything that has happened in the last ten days. One thing for sure - we won't ever forget this time together.

I just checked the weather in Yellowstone - 14 degrees tonight and a 70% chance of snow. One road in is closed, one is icy and one is expected to freeze tonight. It is a good thing we decided not to go.

I promised more photos, but I am too tired tonight. The thought of sleeping in my own bed is just too tempting. Until tomorrow - good night and happy traveling.

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  1. AAAh that lovely familiarity of one's own bed. What a great trip. Thankyou for sharing it in this way. Look forward to the photos.