Friday, November 13, 2009

What was that you said?

I had lunch yesterday at the assisted living center with my 92 year old father and his 94 to 97 year old table mates. Due to hearing loss, conversation is at best difficult and sometimes rather amusing. One thread yesterday went something like this:

Dale asks Dan, "Did you come down for breakfast this morning?" and Dan replies, "I don't know, I just didn't feel quite right so I didn't stay for lunch yesterday." Marie enters the conversation with "Dan, were you too late for breakfast yesterday?" Then Roland adds, "she didn't bring me a soup spoon."

It is hard to think of things to talk about and even when I do the subject often derails because of the hearing issues. The most successful topic yesterday was a discussion about the time each person usually rises in the morning and what time they go to bed. Dan, who turns 97 on Saturday, likes to stay up late especially if he has a good book to read. Roland's lights are out by 8 pm.

I try to avoid some subjects such as politics because I am certain there would be little agreement. The weather and sports are safe. Sometimes a conversation takes an interesting turn and I learn a little piece of trivia or personal history.

I hope when I am 97 I still want to stay up late to finish a good book.

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