Friday, January 8, 2010

Framed ?!%$&?#%?

Framing is neither meditative nor satisfying. If you haven't ever framed a piece of artwork, you can't completely understand. Even though a full description of my just completed "Murphy's Law" framing experience is unpublishable, I'll give you a brief taste.

I thought it was brilliant to have a half inch cut off of a piece of glass I already had until the young man pointed out the scratches and cut almost too much off one side. No worry, I can make this work.

The real challenge of the project was to add a spacer to keep the glass from touching the delicate colored pencil design. The narrow profile of the frame called for a spacer so thin it could hardly be cut. Then there was the problem of how to make it stay in place and not be seen. Can I attach it to the glass? No the adhesive is noticeable. What about using an archival glue to attach the strips to the artwork? No it won't stick. Maybe I should just forget about the spacer. No worry, I can make this work.

Finally the piece is in the frame and I look at the quote and I ask myself: Should the citation be Psalm or Psalms? Should the type have been red or gray? What about gold? - you get the idea.

After a few more print outs of the quote, the piece is in the frame again and of course there are two small specks of dust. The specks are removed and then the glass shifts to one side and the spacer is visible.

At long last, adjustments have been made and the completed product looks good considering all the problems . . . oops, I forgot to take a photo. No worry, I can make this work.

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  1. I completely understand! And avoid framing work myself if at all possible.....!