Saturday, April 24, 2010

"Tough Love" Update #1 Power of the Internet

Wow! Don't underestimate the power of the Internet. My last blog post about the problems at the library, has been viewed more than 130 times. The response is overwhelmingly supportive although most people have chosen to let me know via email instead of publicly commenting here.

Be sure to check out the thoughtful comments from a few brave individuals, by clicking on the word "Comment" at the end of the post titled, "Time for 'Tough Love' at the Library." Just keep scrolling to reach the more recent ones at the bottom.

Since many are fearful about being identified, I decided to give a quick flavor of what has been sent to me. I only modified the comments to remove identifying information.

"THANK YOU for speaking up. The rest of us are terrified."


"I don't work at the library and I didn't even know one of the staff members who was let go without notice after working there more than 20 years, but I felt bad for her. I thought the man who told me was going to cry."

"Very well said!"

"I've worked here many years and I feel like I don't matter much. I really am disappointed in our board and feel like they rubber stamp whatever admin wants to do. It's quite sad."

"BRAVO, I don't think anyone could have put it better!"

"You are very articulate, speaking the truth - standing for (not against) energy. I read the comments from those who answered you. What a hard thing."

"Thank you for posting this. I am encouraged."

"Look out, DottieMae's dander is up."

A heartfelt thank you to all of you who have taken the time to read the blog and forward comments. I hope you will keep checking back here for updates.

With integrity, creativity, and compassion we can help this library fulfill it's obligations to the staff and to the community.


  1. The vast majority of people at the library are quite happy! It is not a toxic environment, as you suggest. It's unfortunate you are getting any attention at all for this unfair and untrue representation of a great library system. Perhaps if you still actually worked here you would understand what a great place it is!!!!

  2. I would like to thank the last person who posted a comment for entering into the dialogue. I would also like to clear up something they mentioned. I never said it was not a great library system. I said top management has adopted a toxic management style. The truth of this statement is borne out by the responses that have come in. I am sure there are people who still have positive experiences with the amazing branch managers and other skilled department managers.

    I hope you continue to feel positive about your experience at this library. . . and I hope others who have not had the same experience will be heard.

    By the way - I have removed all names from this message because I do care about the library and the people who work there.

  3. If you've really had so much response, why not post the comments? When you control the message, how is anyone to know what the truth is? Just how many different people are represented in the comments on your blog? Other than yourself, there appear to be about 3 or 4 other people who are posting who agree with you.

    I have worked in a toxic work environment, and I have worked at this library. I can assure you, this library is not a toxic work environment.
    I have worked at places where the management is secretive, and I have worked at this library. I can assure you, this library management is pretty open.

    Maybe the tough love should be directed at the former employees who are lurking here: Time to take responsibility for your own lives.

  4. If this library is so open, why have you decided to be anonymous? I wouldn't think less of you for speaking you mind.

  5. Towards anonymous: I'm glad you've had a positive experience with this library system. However positive your experience has been, there have been many who feel scared, anxious, and who are living on edge because they are being threatened.

    I have always been a fan of the library and I know there are many good people who work and serve at this establishment. But I want to support an establishment that honors their employees and is honest for why they're letting them go, not one that uses manipulation, deceit and dishonest reasons for sending people home when they are not even informed for their removal.

    There are people who read this blog and are not employed through the library. There are others who were previously. And those who are currently employed but fear that speaking their mind and stating their name will cause them to be the next person dismissed on paid leave for no good reason.

    Perhaps your personal experience leads you to believe this is not a toxic working environment. But there are many others who have had personal experience which lead them to believe it is. Please respect their experiences as they respect yours.