Thursday, May 6, 2010

"Statistics" Update

The statistics continue to tell the story of unresolved staff issues at the library. Since I first posted two weeks ago, there have been almost 250 unique visitors, nearly 3,000 page views, and more than 50 comments. Of the people who commented, only one said there were no problems.

I would like to point out that almost without exception the blog posts and comments have been supportive of the library and the library's responsibility to provide high quality service to the community. It is because the staff members love the library that they are asking to be heard. They know it is impossible to reach out to the community without a healthy, happy environment inside the library. A quote from an essay by Pat Wagner in Outreach as Friendship in a Peer-Based Community by Robin Osborne speaks to this:
To embrace outreach we must start by improving the interactions of staff at all levels inside the library--from part time shelvers to the director and trustees. 
A Google Group called LibraryLib now offers a forum for further discussion. I would encourage everyone on all sides of the issue, to take the time to read the comments posted there and express your own thoughts.

I have done all I can to help. Now it is time for you to join the conversation at "LibraryLib". I wish the staff, the administration, and the board well as you continue the difficult process of acknowledging legitimate concerns, making needed changes, and hopefully rebuilding trust.


  1. Thank you for starting this important conversation and shepherding it in its beginnings.

  2. You are most welcome. I have a soft spot for the library staff.