Saturday, June 5, 2010

Building an Ark

Day after day of cloudy skies and rain this spring have made us seriously consider building an Ark. I even looked up how to measure cubits on the internet. Cubits, the first recorded unit of length, have something to do with the forearm measurement so Gary's cubit would be longer than mine. I guess we would need to come to some kind of agreement before we start to build.

One day this week the paper said we've only had one sunny day since May 15th. I can only remember two or three days since the end of March. Don't get me wrong, I love rain. My favorite kind of "stay at home with a cup of tea" day is dark and rainy, but there has been so much rain that even I have been longing for the sun.

Resigned to clouds and wetness you can imagine our surprise when we awoke this morning to a clear blue sky. The temperature might even be in the 70s. Lawn mowers and weed wackers are buzzing all over town, the neighbors are digging in their garden and I poked around a bit in the mud to see if I could remember where I left off with my landscaping project when the monsoon started.

I noticed a forecast for clouds and rain later in the week - we may still need to resolve the cubit issue.

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