Monday, June 21, 2010

Going Away to Santa Fe

It's a long story.

The short version is this: In two weeks, I am going with my daughter to check out the College of Santa Fe located, quite coincidentally, in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The trip was brought on by one of those - "we need to come to a screeching halt and investigate a change of direction" - decisions brought on by a serious case of buyer's remorse regarding college choice for this coming school year. Not wanting my daughter to be miserable and not wanting to invest my life savings in a mistake, we have regrouped - off to Santa Fe.

A definite upside of the situation is an opportunity to visit a place I have never been. After completing the tedious process of making plane reservations and finding a quaint little adobe motel called The Silver Saddle, I suddenly realized I am excited about the trip. I've discovered a wealth of interesting places to visit and it appears the city has a reputation for being a charming artist's haven.

Have you been to Santa Fe? Please add comments about your favorite experiences.

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  1. oh wow! I am so excited for you. If I were to live in a city in the United States, Sante Fe would probably be it. Adobe Churches! Museums! Adobe architecture. Colour. Light! American Indian Art Institute. I swear there's magic dust in the air and water there. I was there in springtime one year and the wind blew gritty dust everywhere and still I loved being there: felt that a creative life was possible this lifetime, that mermaid visions were commonplace. Not much further north is Taos (Chewelah reminds me of what Taos must have been like before it was "discovered" in the sixties) and more importantly Taos Indian Pueblo - the oldest continually occupied site in the USA.....just saying....hint hint) My whole life and feeling of connectedness with this continent changed after being in new Mexico and I think Taos Indian Pueblo and those little New Mexican villages north of Sante Fe with old souls had a lot to do with it...and after all it is a very poetic name for a town....