Wednesday, July 14, 2010

#5 - The Decision

Making life's big decisions is never easy. Often there are too many choices, sometimes too few, and usually not enough information to determine the final outcome. Most of the time we are deep into something new before we know for sure how it will feel.

For some the decision to attend college comes easily, but for intelligent, sensitive, creative, and talented artistic types who don't always fit in with the main stream, the decision is much more difficult. Not knowing exactly what she wanted to do upon high school graduation, Rebecca found a job and settled into supporting herself in her own apartment on the Oregon Coast. It was a priceless learning experience.

After more than a year of working two jobs and not finding many like minded contemporaries where she was living, Rebecca decided to take the plunge and apply to colleges. In hindsight, her first college choice didn't feel right so off we went to visit The College of Santa Fe.

We've been to Santa Fe, we visited the school, we heard about the programs, we met the people, now what? . . . THE DECISION!?! I was ready to sign up, but I'm just the mom.

Much to my surprise and without a lot of discussion, she suddenly decided to go for it the day after we arrived home from our trip. Maybe it was words of wisdom from her brother that finally tipped the scale. He told Rebecca, "even a bad experience is a good life experience and someone in her position needs to live in a different environment, meet new people, and face new challenges".  

The forms were filled out and sent in before she could change her mind. No one knows what the future holds. . . may it more often than not be bright and always full of promise.

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