Wednesday, August 18, 2010


The deadline I set for completion of my book/art project has long passed. I haven't even worked on it for months. Sitting here surrounded by piles of photographs, notes, and ephemera, I feel overwhelmed by the work yet to be done and disappointed about missing my goal.

I isn't that I have been idling away my time. Life has required my attention these past months. My father's illness and death, the sorting and sale of 93 years worth of possessions, support for Rebecca's decisions about her future, necessary household repairs, long term volunteer commitments, and worries have filled the days and sapped my energy.

It is time to recommit myself. No deadlines - just a renewed dedication to complete a project close to my heart. As a way to keep myself focused over the next weeks and months, some stories may find their way to this blog. It always helps to have an audience even if it only exists in my imagination.

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  1. not just in your imagination - we are here for you. I know only so well how life comes between me and my projects. I do hope you get to it again this time