Monday, August 30, 2010

Lush, Green, Moist . . . Homecoming

There is a sprinkling of rain this morning, the temperature is in the 60s and when I look out the window everything is lush and green - ahhhhhhhhh, this feels like home. The desert's vast landscape and dry beauty is awe inspiring, but it isn't home - for me a place to visit, not to stay. Six days of sight seeing at 70 mph through Idaho, Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico was quite enough for me.

Last Thursday evening, after a last minute housing change and a breathless hauling of trunks and boxes, my daughter seemed comfortably settled in her 9 x 11 dorm room so the mom knew it was time to say goodbye. Just getting to Santa Fe was such a priority that I never thought about how it would feel to leave. When the tears welled up, I realized they were brought on by joy and a sense of accomplishment as well as a sweet parting with my all grown up baby. I instantly knew this new adventure was at the right time and place for her to flourish.

Another three day driving marathon with my college roommate and best friend, who came along for company on the return trip, brought me back home last night to where I need to be.


  1. wow 9x11 that's..... monastic! Ah to remember the University days when a tiny room with a single bed and a desk was all that one required for accommodation. She is at the beginning of a great journey. I am so excited that she has chosen the Land of Enchantment for her context. And I recognize, too, that sense of relief in homecoming: wherever we open our hearts seems to become home, a place for restoration and productivity. Creativity seems to flow best when we feel at home. Welcome Home!

  2. Ditto kd's comments - welcome home and best wishes to Rebecca on her new adventure!