Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Happy 60th

Mother nature provided a spectacular light show for my birthday. An impressive sunset fringed by Stonehenge shaped clouds along the horizon was followed by an even more remarkable setting of a pink crescent moon accompanied by Venus flashing red as it started to sink into the sea. As if that wasn't enough of a treat, the full expanse of the darkening night sky twinkled with millions of stars - the familiar Big Dipper taking center stage.

It was just the right ending for a perfect birthday and a relaxing few days in paradise with my best friend who just happens to be my sweet husband.

My photo doesn't do the scene justice. If you want to see the whole show click here for photos by the talented photographer and manager of the Neskowin condos where we stay each year.


  1. oh wow! that is So beautiful - I love it when the moon hangs low in the sky. And very Happy belated Birthday greetings to you too dearest ML. What a lovely gift nature gave you - and so deserved. Thankyou too for the link to the other pics. Love them's to the next 60! I am constantly amazed at the beauty, energy and wisdom of the elders I have been blessed with having in my life. You are all such inspiration to me.

  2. Happy belated birthday - what a gorgeous photo!