Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Domino Theory

In the past two years, we moved twice, we moved my father twice, and we moved my daughter four times. Due to the constant chaos of moving, I have stuffed, squeezed, and shuffled boxes, bags, and belongings to the point where I can't find anything. Yesterday I spent thirty minutes looking for two clamps I needed for a project. Enough is enough!

I've been trying to organize this mess for a couple of weeks with little progress. Each time I open a cupboard I am overwhelmed by piles of things that need to be sorted such as memorabilia, photographs, old cameras and projectors, office supplies, toys, sewing projects, books, tools, party decorations, wrapping paper, shoe polish, art supplies, paper plates & cups, vases, old clothes, and the list goes on. A lot of it isn't even mine - I live in my childhood home and have to deal with things left here by family members for 60 years. . . then there are the treasures we have acquired from Gary's family.

Just to add to the confusion, the domino theory also comes into play. The Christmas decorations would fit better in the basement storage area except it is still full of my father's tools. The tools could be hung on the pegboard if I could find the hooks. It would be easier to keep track of the office supplies if they were in the studio, but the cupboards are full of old photos. The toys could be stored in the upstairs closet . . . after the Christmas decorations are moved. My head is spinning.

You can tell how stymied I am by the fact that I am sitting here writing about the mess instead of fixing it.

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  1. Oh ML - EXACTLY how I have been feeling. It takes so long to find something I know I put in a box when I moved over the mountains....and the opening of boxes leads to such to-do lists and distraction I feel I am going to burst with the pressure of it. I try to use the handle only once rule with incoming stuff but it is beginning to circle my table like rings of magic has become a hallucination. Stuff weighs me down and the order in which to do things requires a whole parallel life.