Wednesday, February 2, 2011

In the New York Times

I knew the article would be there, I had already read it on-line, and I still let out a gasp when I opened the Sunday New York Times Arts & Leisure section to an article about my son's new movie, Cold Weather. There it was a half page feature complete with a photo of the young director looking pensive, his head turned to the side. Tears of pride and joyful celebration welled up as I carried the paper to the car.

No matter what happens from here on, my son has had a chance to live his dream and be recognized for his art. As a mom, the best part of this is that he is still the thoughtful, sensitive, and unassuming boy who was crazy about dinosaurs, unusual musical instruments, buses, Uncle Scrooge comics, and Sherlock Holmes.

Congratulations to Aaron, Ben, Brendan, Reed, Cris, Trieste, Raul, Robyn, Lars, Jay and all of the other talented and dedicated filmmakers who put their hearts into this project!

PS - Hot off the presses: New York Times review of Cold Weather 2/4/2011


  1. and congratulations to a mom who raised children who are not afraid of reaching for their dreams. Just reading this brought tears to my eyes. Feel honoured to know you.