Sunday, January 29, 2012

Paintbox Rainbow

It is a bathrobe and comfortable socks Sunday morning. Mist is dampening the ground and an eerie light from a bright white sunrise illuminates the houses and trees across the street. After pouring batter into the waffle iron, I turn toward the kitchen window. . . . . . and there in front of me is a whole paintbox of color brushed across the sky. I shout to Gary, run to grab my camera, and dash out the door to capture the moment. This might be a once in a lifetime rainbow.

My unsuspecting neighbor across the street stands at her kitchen window wondering why I am running around the garden like a crazy person. I wave her out of the house so she can share in the miracle. 

The vivid glow of color and impressive size of this double arch of light across the sky is well beyond my tiny "point and shoot" digital camera. 

I don't need a camera to remember - this paintbox rainbow is forever splashed across my mind's eye.


  1. What beauty! Thank you for sharing! That rainbow even brightened my very snow grey day hundreds of miles away in the mountains. Blessings indeed!