Monday, April 16, 2012


IS IT A DREAM? I see visions of – babies and grandfathers, boys and girls, husbands and wives, sisters and brothers, mothers and fathers, daughters and sons, strangers and friends, men and women. We share bread and wine, hold hands, and sing encircled by snow and tall pines.

I hear sounds of – children laughing and crying, silly jokes, funny skits, amazing tricks, whispering wind, rushing water, a bell calling, voices in song.

I smell – spicy spaghetti, burnt marshmallows, sweet needles, wet earth, wood smoke, clean air.

I taste – simple food and fellowship around a shared meal.

I feel – a child’s hand in mine, the crunch of snow, rough bark, icy water, cold wind, warm sun, the presence of the Holy One. 

We have never been together before yet we all know the songs. Teacher, spiritual leader, software engineer, salesperson, accountant, counselor, artist, stay at home dad or mom, financial planner, doctor, lawyer, government worker, nurse, student - 70+ strangers unplugged from work and worry. We suspend our cultural drive for success to return to our cultural roots.

IT IS NOT A DREAM. It is a sacred reality. We are building community.

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