Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Going Slow

"You can't go deep until you slow down." Tess Gallagher

We just returned from our 17th annual trip to the tiny town of Neskowin on the Oregon Coast otherwise know to us as paradise. This year the ever present handmade signs reminding motorists to abide by the 15 mile per hour speed, made a big impression on me. Don't we all speed through life too fast? Our time in Neskowin is about slowing down. In case we forget, there is a sign at every turn.

We are so successful at slowing down when we are at Neskowin that we fall asleep. Between walks and eating our favorite comfort foods, I look over at Gary, book in hand, and see him nodding off. When the sun goes down, I'm ready for bed.

There is a lot to see from the slow lane. An abundance of eye candy - the powerful ocean, expansive sky, delicate flower petals, wetland teaming with life, and human made whimsey. 

We take time to remember our sixteen wonderful years together and renew our vows.

The question is - can we bring the slower pace home with us? Will we be caught in the fast lane again?

This is a day to slow down, remember, and count our blessings.


  1. Congratulations on your 16 years of love! One of the blessings I count is having you in my life, dear dear ML. I am always illuminated by your posts. Thankyou! And note to self - must visit Oregon Coast again one day.

    1. Same here kd - your posts are an inspiration.