Friday, October 5, 2012

Don't Turn Back the Clock

The thought of a return to the failed policies and narrow-minded agenda of the Republicans has me scared. Not because their candidate is evil, I'm certain Mitt Romney is kind to his family, but because I don't trust the people who want to put him in office. Romney has demonstrated time after time that he lacks a backbone and will do/say anything to get elected and to keep his backers happy.

I don't always agree with Barack, but I trust him to try to do the right thing even if one group or another criticizes him for it. He inherited the worst recession since the great depression caused in large part by the policies of those who preceded him in office. The Republicans have fought him at every turn. Vicious lies and rumors have assaulted him from day one. In the midst of this Barack has kept his calm, forged ahead, and worked to do his best to honor his promises to the American people. How many of us would have given up in the face of insurmountable odds?

The bottom line for me is this - who do I want to make the next appointments to the Supreme Court? Do I want someone who does not respect my right to make decisions about my own body? Do I want someone who owes favors to rich businessmen for whom I have little respect? Do I want someone who seems to know little or care much about global warming and other environmental issues? Do I want someone who has no idea what it is like to struggle to pay health care costs or live on Social Security?

You may say the Supreme Court isn't involved in these issues. I disagree. Those who want to turn the clock back to "the good old days" will try to use the court to accomplish their goals. Do you want Mitt Romney to make the next appointments to the Supreme Court?

I trust Barack to make wise choices and I respect him even when we disagree.



  1. Well said - thank you for writing this - you speak for me!

  2. Thanks ML! I am looking forward to filling out my ballot and you have cited many of the reasons why I will be voting for Obama!

  3. As always you make such clear sound sense with your writings. Thank you!

  4. Thank you for being courageous and speaking out. Your perspective makes a great deal of sense and gives me, someone who feels "over" all politics, reason for voting at all. Sure, I would have voted for Barack, but now I have more reason in my vote. Thank you!