Friday, August 16, 2013

Wild Game Hunters - Another Update

Last Sunday while we punched and mounted 20 aluminum pie pans in the blue spruce at the back corner of our garden, Gary prepared himself for defeat, "If this doesn't work, the raccoons win." Every night since the pie pan wind chime melody serenades us to sleep.

Five mornings later - no poop. Of course we can no longer sit in the chairs pushed to the side by anti-raccoon efforts, but after four weeks of nightly contest, sitting there is no longer the point.

A curious development this morning - Gary found a blue work glove carefully placed on top of a container of ammonia soaked rags in the center of the fortification. "Are the raccoons thumbing their nose at you?" I asked. No response.

According to the latest report from the neighbor across the fence, her yellow jacket nest is gone thanks to help from a professional. "Did you get his name? Maybe he traps raccoons."

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  1. In Washington State they have to euthanize wildlife which becomes a problem. I researched getting traps or a professional as there were raccoon babies in the roof of my Suquamish house when I moved in. They partied all night for a while. I was at my wits end: the dilemma: condemn them to death or hear them tearing up the crawl space above me (visions of electrical fires and so on...not to mention the articles I read about toxic raccoon poop).Then I lucked out. One day, after watching the babes on the roof and the mom having no luck calling them down, I placed a long builderʻs scaffolding plank from roof to ground and watched (and photographed) the mother force her babies to ʻwalk the plank". She led them off into the bushes. I had no more problems. Fortunately. I think they were just as relieved as me to get away from noise and smells (including liberal sprinkling with cayenne) but there was the eviction or death ultimatum hanging over their heads. I do hope your raccoons have found more salubrious quarters so you can go back to enjoying your lawn chairs.