Tuesday, October 1, 2013

They Killed the Oregonian Today

Our local newspaper, owned by a national media empire, has been downsizing the print version for years. Like everywhere in the country the paper's Internet website with flashy ads is their priority. This national trend will forever change not only HOW we receive news, it will also control WHAT news is made available to us. Access to information is controlled by a smaller and smaller number of huge media moguls who care more about profit than objective reporting. 

As of today, delivery of the Oregonian changes from seven days a week to four and the daily print version, available only online or at news stands three days a week, slims down to a page or two per section. 

The Oregonian RIP - December 4, 1850 to October 1, 2013.

Here is the letter I wrote to the publisher in response to this sad passing:

Are you happy now that you have killed the oldest continuously published newspaper in the country? Please don't give me any more of your lame excuses for this murder. I've heard all the reasons and it is obvious that your primary motivation is greed. What does the long distant owner care about Oregon anyway?

OrgegonLive is one of the most difficult websites I've ever used. The new online version of the printed paper is a joke. A four day a week delivery of trash is worthless.

The only bright side I can see is a reduction by half of the monthly subscription fee for putting up with you. You are reducing the fee, right? Wait a minute, you should pay us!

There are still a lot of older residents who depend on the Oregonian for their daily news and information. They don't do Internet and can't get out to buy a paper. Oh I forgot, they don't matter because they don't help your bottom line.

Your decision to kill the Oregonian (yes, that is what you have done) will forever change our community. There is no substitute for holding a real local newspaper in my hand and reading straight through. Maybe in the end it is no big deal. The Oregonian hasn't been a REAL local newspaper for a long time.

Welcome to the entertainment age . . . and we wonder why Congress is full of so many self-serving idiots.

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