Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Countdown to Sundance

Two days until the Sundance film festival opens in Park City, Utah. Five days until my son's film "Land Ho" premieres there. Yikes, this is really going to happen.

I've been monitoring the "Land Ho" Facebook page for weeks with little change except an uptick in "Likes." Not much on the "Land Ho" Sundance page either. The GoogleAlerts I set up have been quiet except for a few old news stories. At the end of last week things changed. Links to articles and interviews are showing up on the Facebook page, the five screenings of the movie now listed as 'waitlist' on the Sundance page, and the Google Alerts are starting to pop.

The end of last week Indiewire posted a couple of photos. On Sunday there was an article in the Seattle Times. Yesterday the "Land Ho" poster showed up on Movies.com. Today there is a 'Meet the Artist' interview on Indiewire. The scene Aaron and Martha shot for their Sundance "Meet the Artist" video is now up on Film.com. Whew, I can hardly keep up.

All of this is exciting, but truth is it's a nail biter until the reviews come out after the screening on Sunday.

I talked to Aaron yesterday. He is understandably excited, nervous, pleased with the movie he and Martha have created and eager to hear the audience reaction. Will they laugh and will they love the characters as much as he does?

Note: Words in red type are links to websites with articles, photos, and/or video related to the movie.

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