Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Sundance Satisfaction

Gary rushed to the basement this morning when he heard whoops and screams coming from my office. We met a the bottom of the stairs, "Are you alright?" he asked with a worried look on his face. Then he noticed I was jumping up and down, waving my arms, a wide smile splashed across my face. I shouted, "Sony Classic Pictures just bought Aaron's film." We danced in celebration.

Every few hours for the past four days I've checked Twitter for news about "Land Ho!" This morning when I pulled up the screen, someone had written a message, "Congratulations to Aaron and Martha for SPC purchase." I thought, "SPC, hmmm I wonder what that is." I had to blink to make sure I wasn't dreaming when I clicked on the link - Sundance: Sony Pictures Classics Acquires Road Trip Comedy 'Land Ho!'

I cried. I danced. I called my daughter. I called my best friend. I sent links to our other son and daughter-in-law, my sister, aunties, and a few friends. I continued to watch Twitter explode with the good news.

There is no one more deserving of this break than Aaron. He puts so much of his heart into his films. For him it isn't about the money although he would like to be able to make films and have a reasonable life style. It is about the story-telling and the connection between the film and the audience. He wants to give people a chance to see the world a bit differently. I'm proud of Aaron not because he made it to Sundance, not because SPC bought the film. I'm proud because he is a beautiful human being. What more could a mom ask for? That is Sundance satisfaction.

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  1. Sony! Wow! This is HUGE. Even though I knew about this from your email, I am crying tears of joy. Congratulations! Well done all of you! I just canʻt WAIT for Land Ho! to be somewhere where I can watch it. Aaron makes movies which speak to me, my heart, my humanity, inspire me, make me cry, make me laugh, make me want to buy them to share with everyone I care about. Yes! for recognition for this kind of storyteller!