Friday, July 11, 2014


Land Ho! launches today. Theaters in New York and Los Angeles have already started to screen the movie for audiences. Will it be a hit at the box office? Will "Boyhood" the other indie release this weekend, outshine the low budget film made by a small group of hardworking under paid film makers? My fingers are crossed.

I'm overwhelmed by the quantity of articles, interviews, and reviews zooming across the Internet. More than 50 "Tweets" in the last hour. One reviewer says the movie is "A balm for the harried soul." I could use that "balm" right now, but Land Ho! doesn't open here until August 15th :(

At trip to the news stand this afternoon netted the Friday, July 11th New York Times. There's no substitute for the feel of real newsprint in my hand and the pleasure of opening the arts and entertainment section to a half page ad for the movie followed by a half page review. I read the complimentary words on the page and know this is no longer just a dream for my film obsessed son. Real newsprint, real words, real achievement.

If you want to be overwhelmed, visit Land Ho! on Facebook for links to dozens of online articles including the New York Times, NPR, and the Los Angeles Times. The movie is even AARP approved.

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