Saturday, October 13, 2007

Celebrating Imagination

As this is my first post, I thought I should explain the name of this blog and what it is about.

Allowing ourselves the time and space to imagine allows our inner creative spirit to emerge and flourish. Imagination can't be bought or sold and it requires the courage to think beyond what we know. Anyone can tap into their creativity. This blog is about planting the seeds.

When I studied painting, the instructor would turn our paintings upside down and ask us to step back to look at the work with fresh eyes. What a good way to look at life. Turn the difficult situation upside down and look at it with fresh eyes. I don't always remember this, but when I do the problem at hand seems to offer new opportunities.

Welcome to Seeds of Creativity.


  1. I had a photography instructor who did something similar -- we had to shoot w/out looking thru the viewfinder. Then he would keep sending us back to print again until he could hear a waterfall or feel the ocean. It was a class on landscape photography, but the images we chose could be anything -- each one was a picture of our interior landscape.

  2. Any chance you would scan and upload one of your amazing paintings?

  3. Dear Miss Dottie Mae,

    Turn the difficult situation upside down and look at it with fresh eyes.

    Does this trick work with teenagers?


  4. Great thought... I seem to do this without knowing that is what it was. I just call it, "stepping back to take another look" and "re-focusing".

    Thanks, Dottie Mae!