Monday, July 21, 2008

Black & Blue Turns Green & Purple

I had to wait nearly a week until the bruises turned green before I could see the humor in my first Portland jogging experience. It all started out well last Wednesday morning when we set out to run on the jogging path around the golf course. Even the hill didn't seem too difficult. The view of the city and the trees below was worth the effort. 

Then half way through, DottieMae's klutzy toe (even the sensible shoes didn't help) caught on a large stone and the whole right side of my body became intimate with the rocky ground. Ah ha! I suddenly knew why most people we passed used the paved bike lane through this part of the course. A goose egg quickly formed on my head and shoulder as Gary helped me limp home. 

Now that a few days have dimmed the experience, I've been kidding Gary about how photos of the injuries combined with numerous bumps, bruises and scratches from moving would make a good case in court for wife abuse.  The whole side of my body is a rather spectacular combination of green and purple.

Our second jogging experience a couple of days ago went much better except for falling a half mile behind Gary as I cautiously picked my way through the course. Thank fully DottieMae slept in that morning. 


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