Friday, July 18, 2008

To Good to be True

We feel like we have stepped back into the 1950s. Binford Garden Townhouse Apartments were constructed on 15 acres in 1949 for soldiers and their families after WW II. Mr. Binford, an arborist, created a park like setting by planting oak, maple, fir, birch, and covering the stucco walls of the complex with Virginia Creeper. The 60 year old tress now arch across the walkways complimenting the landscaping of a public golf course across the street of the same vintage.

The one, two, and three bedroom apartments surround courtyards with walkways for strolling and each unit has it's own private patio and planting area. Large windows face the courtyard and in our unit a second set of windows face the golf course. The original venetian blinds grace all the windows, original light fixtures hang in all the rooms, and the original hardwood floors with radiant heat below add warmth to each room. 

Not only is the setting from the past so is the service. The current owners, two brothers who bought the complex from the Binfords in 1979, take pride in maintaining the original character of the architecture, landscaping, and customer service. So far we have met Jerry, a handyman here for more than 20 years; Greg, in charge of maintenance; and Ron, one of two gardeners. If you would like to see for yourself visit

Last night we walked a few blocks along the golf course to Rose City Park to take in a summer marimba concert. The music was lively and the people watching was exceptional. We took the long way home along the ridge above the golf course with views of the city, Mt. Tabor, Rocky Butte, and Mt. Hood in the distance.
We both feel like we have come home and Gary is like a kid in a candy shop. He has already passed the test for his Oregon driver's license, changed his voter's registration, and signed up for a Multnomah County Library card. We've had dinner at one of his favorite restaurants, taken a walk on Mt. Tabor, and visited Movie Madness the most amazing video store I've ever seen.

There are folks on Bainbridge who think they live in a one of a kind location with a unique sense of community that doesn't happen anywhere else. We beg to differ with that conclusion. There are many types of communities in many different places. We are enjoying the unique qualities of this diverse Rose City neighborhood in the heart of NE Portland.

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  1. Dearest ML: great to hear you so positive and so settled already (but that doesn't mean we don't miss you hugley). I am jealous: marimabas a walk away from you! My favourite music. I loved, too, your comments about community. having lived in communities on three different continents I would really endorse your observations about uniqueness and specialness. Currently my little casit is a walk away from a park where we hosted the landing of the most magnificent handcarved traditional Northwest Coast tribal canoes (yes, they are heavy - I know this first hand from helping walk one up the beach) this weekend with attendant cultural ceremonies and drumming and chanting as the boats came ashore. Then Sunday morning I sat in the dawn sun on Nomad dreaming to watch the early departing canoes paddle by on the next leg of their annual journey.

    all love