Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Art Project - 364 Days to Deadline

I quit my job so I could work on an art project I have been thinking about for more than two years. My self imposed deadline is the 90th anniversary of my mother's birth and yesterday would have been her 89th birthday. Since that means I only have 364 days to finish, I guess it is time to get serious.

It is so easy to be distracted. Everyone has something interesting they would like me to do: visit my daughter at the beach; cater food for the cast and crew of my son's new movie; help a friend with some design work; buy plants; dig in the dirt - the list is endless. There are also the uninteresting things that have to be done such as calculating taxes, paying bills, driving Dad to the doctor, and moving twice in one year. Where does the time go?

If bringing my vision to reality is my goal, I need to set aside time to make it happen. It is up to me to set my priorities and not let the time slip away. I will schedule time for my art as soon as I find a couple of days for the visit; help the friend; prepare the menus; plant the trees I just purchased; and work on the taxes. 

Sigh! Tomorrow there will only be 363 days left.

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