Thursday, March 26, 2009

3 AM

I can't sleep! The weight of "Craft Service" is on my mind. I woke up at 1:30 and remembered that I forgot to buy the sausage and ricotta cheese. Oh No! One thing led to another so now here I am sitting at my computer wondering if there is any way to turn my head off and get back to sleep.

"Craft Service" is one of those terms you see if you stay all the way to the end of the credits when you go to a movie. It is kind of like catering, but I think "Catering" in the credits means something different. When the film comes out you will find me listed somewhere after "Gaffer" and "Best Boy."

In case you wonder what this is all about - my son is in town working on his third film and I volunteered to cook for the cast and crew. I will only be serving 18 people, but they are all "20 somethings" with BIG appetites. Apparently morale on a movie set has a lot to do with the food served half way through the 12 hour work day so the pressure is on.

I baked cinnamon and dinner rolls yesterday, today I will make cupcakes, tomorrow cookies and three roasting pans full of lasagna. Saturday it's custom sandwiches and Sunday pasta salad and ham . . . and don't forget, some of the crew are vegetarians. Oh My!

If I am this consumed by my tiny contribution, I can only imagine the stress on the director and producers. That is why my son's name might be up in lights and mine will appear somewhere near the bottom of the credits. Don't blink.

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