Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Correction & More Movie Madness

I was wrong - my job is called "Catering" after all. "Craft Service" is the designation for providing snacks. I want to make sure you look in the right place in the credits for my name so you won't miss it.

It is hard to keep these movie terms straight. How many of you have noticed "Red Technician" or "Dolly Grip" in the credits? On this film the red technician appears to be the person who downloads the data from the camera to a computer. This data is referred to as "dailies" or "rushes". I'll keep you in suspense about dolly grip.

We had a chance to see some rushes one of the times we delivered food. The technician had just downloaded a "take" (a single continuous recorded performance of a scene). It was exciting to see fresh footage. 

Another time we watched from a distance as a take was done of a scene filmed in a car parked on the top of a parking garage downtown. The director and camera operator were wedged in the back of the car behind the actors while the assistant director, producer, production designer, art director, gaffer, and interns looked on out of camera range. 

We are enjoying our peek at film making from behind the scenes, but I don't think I could keep up the schedule these young movie makers thrive on. Saturday was easily a 14 hour work day. 

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