Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Still Cooking

I start catering again tomorrow after a week off while my 'Ex' provided the food. In three or four more days and the filming will be over. My job will be finished, but the process of crafting thousands of takes of hundreds of scenes into a coherent film will require countless more hours of tedious labor. 

This movie making is hard work. I have it through an informed source that last Saturday, spent mostly in an ice freezer, was an 18 hour day. A cold has been passed around the cast & crew; last Wednesday the gaffer broke his toe when a large piece of equipment fell out of the truck; everyone is scrambling at the last minute to send in IRS tax extensions; and the final days of filming call for a 6 pm to 6 am schedule. It is no wonder they are all exhausted.

One thing I've learn from watching this process is that these young film makers are dedicated to their craft. You will never find these men and women sitting behind a desk in a coat and tie, but their high level of professionalism is impressive. They work long hours for little pay to give the rest of us a glimpse through the camera lens of a world we might not otherwise notice. 

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