Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Who would you want to have around if you were sick?

When we were caught up in the passion of romantic relationships during our 20s, we were interested in looks, charm, sexual attraction, common interests, and perhaps even convenience. We made long term choices based on this criteria. Unfortunately, when the blush of romance wore off, there wasn't enough to sustain the relationships. Instead of considering the glamorous when choosing a mate, perhaps the most important question to ask is, "who will I want to have around if I am sick?" and/or "who will stay by my side when I can't take care of myself?" The true test of a relationship is adversity.

We spent most of last week up close and personal with the health care system when Gary was hospitalized for a serious infection. The ordeal required help from a full time, caring advocate to negotiate the maze of medical personnel, tests, and treatment. Both of us have been left to manage this sort of experience alone when we were married to previous spouses. We understand that "in sickness and in health" is not just an old fashioned idea, it is a loving commitment. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else but by Gary's side and he is thankful for my love and support.

Being sick is a humbling experience. As Gary said after returning home, "I went to the hospital and had my bravado removed". Who would you want to have around when you feel vulnerable?

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  1. Ooooh: all best wishes for recovery to Gary and I am so in awe of the thoughtfulness and humanity in your posts. Love hearing from you.Hope gary is OKAY?