Thursday, July 2, 2009

Speed Bump

Not to be outdone by Gary in the illness/injury department, I had an encounter with a speed bump while jogging last week that netted me a visit to the doctor just to make sure all the contents of my head were still in the right place. Everything is healing nicely even though I look like a cartoon character with a black eye and a green hand.

After the incident, I briefly contemplated the significance of tripping over a speed bump. This week I thought about it again when a friend wrote about signs and omens on her blog and then yesterday when I heard about the friend of a friend whose husband underwent delicate brain surgery, I sat up and took notice. 

Today I've been letting my mind wander through the possible messages hidden in the speed bump experience. An obvious message could be to slow down. Perhaps I am forgetting to enjoy the moment because I am too busy running or maybe I'm moving too fast to notice something important. 

I've also been thinking about how often we encounter speed bumps in life. Some are so small we run over them without paying attention, others such as brain surgery change our lives. 

Last night in a dream I reached into a nest and pulled out a large, smooth, beautifully colored, speckled egg that felt cold in my hand. Possibly another message to ponder.

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