Saturday, August 1, 2009

Happy Birthday

Gary and I went to a birthday party today for a dear old friend. It was an all day affair shared with many who love the guest of honor. 

Our memories of this friend go back to childhood when we built forts in the brambles and took summer dips in the wading pool. Family picnics together were customary. This extraordinary friend was a witness to our first kiss.   

In honor of the birthday celebration, a collection of old cars was displayed around a grand circle drive with a panoramic view of the city in the background. Baby pictures and recently painted portraits were exhibited for all to enjoy. An ice cream social filled the afternoon and the day ended with a concert on the lawn. What a fitting tribute to a friend who looks pretty good considering the advanced years.

As we walked home, the night was warm and the sky was on fire with one of the most stunning sunsets we've ever seen. Happy 100th birthday Mt. Tabor Park . . . and many more.

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