Thursday, September 17, 2009

Visions of Motel Signs Dancing in My Head

Not a lot of sleep happened last night. At 3 am I was staring at my computer screen searching for decent motels on the Internet. It isn't that I didn't try to sleep. Every time I my head hit the pillow, motel signs started to flash in my head just like in an old movie.

I'm working on the itinerary for a 3000 mile trip through eight Western & Plains states with my daughter to do family research and visit some favorite vacation spots from my childhood. We could just take whatever accommodations we find when we decide to stop, but unfortunately there aren't many lodging options on the prairie. I don't relish sleeping in the car.

The information on the Internet is a blessing and a curse. One person writes a glowing review about cleanliness at a motel and the next talks about bed bugs at the same establishment . . . and then there are those suspected of stealing credit card numbers. All I need is to have my credit card canceled in Beach, North Dakota 1200 miles from home.

Another consideration is the cuteness factor. Two weeks of cookie cutter motel rooms doesn't sound very interesting. My sleepless night netted two possible beauties - the Rocket Motel in Custer, SD and the Roundtop in Thermopolis, WY. I guess we will see if the reviewers can be trusted.

I sit here with maps, travel magazines, books, research notes and old photos cluttering my desk wondering what detail will keep me up tonight.

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