Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Pins and Needles Update

I wasn't the only one on pins and needles over the weekend. Aaron told me when he called this morning, about being tormented by "what ifs" as he waited for the premiere of Cold Weather on Saturday night. Thankfully, due to the positive press, the nerves have been replaced by a slight euphoria. Mostly he is just happy the audience connected with his film.

Aaron assured me that things are going well in Austin and he is having a good time - although after four nights of sharing a hotel room with eight people and a party every evening, he thought a quiet corner and a book sounded like a fine idea.

As I sit here writing, the second screening of the movie is just about over. I will be back to the Internet soon to see how it went.


  1. Congratulations! all aroud. So happy to hear about this - especially since we all feel like a part of it because we know what the cast and crew ate....:)

  2. They couldn't have done it without the food!