Monday, September 27, 2010


My baby is 21 today. On Friday, I sent a birthday box filled with her favorite cookies, a few little gifts and a book I made with photos of her 21 years. It was fun to go through the albums and select some of my favorites such as the cowgirl, ballerina, clown, santa, glamour girl, and Marie Antoinette.

The various dramatic or clever poses with her older brother were especially entertaining. The one with Rebecca in her favorite tie died rainbow dress on the first day of first grade and Aaron wearing little round sunglasses, his elbow perched on top of her head, made me laugh. Then there was the American Gothic reenactment complete with somber faces and pitchfork.

The photos taken with her pen pal in Paris make her look glamourous and grown up even though she was still just sixteen. My all time favorites are the ones we shot of Rebecca in the 18th century dress she sewed completely by hand.

I started to get teary when I opened her baby book to look for tidbits to add to the photo book. There were all the typical entries about first smile, first tooth, first step as well as comments about her tiny fingers and toes. At six weeks I recorded a comment from Aaron, "She is a lot more interesting than you said she would be." The one that really got to me was written shortly after her birth, "Thank you God for this wonderful gift. We will love her and help her grow into a beautiful woman in body and soul. We welcome Rebecca into our family."

Happy 21st Birthday Sweet Pea! You have grown into a beautiful young woman in body and soul.


  1. awwww....I got teary eyed just reading this. Great heaps of love and blessings to you all: it is bittersweet when they grow and fly, isn't it? I just LOVE the dress. And all handstitched!♥

  2. What a beautiful and moving tribute.