Tuesday, March 15, 2011


This blog started almost 3 1/2 years ago when I participated in an Internet skills training program designed by the training coordinator at the library where I worked. Since then I've posted here 175 times, whew!

I discovered today after copying and pasting everything into a WORD document, that the posts would fill about 100 printed pages. As I have been transferring the material, it has been interesting to read through this record of the past 1200 or so days where I've written about food, family, travel, trials, libraries, memories, politics, and various other topics that popped into my mind.

Just for giggles I checked the word count, somewhere around 40,000, not bad for someone who has never viewed herself as a writer. I wonder where this adventure will take me from here.

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  1. I personally love having "Seeds" out there. It is like a visit from a friend every time you post and your posts never fail to give me something to think about. Thank you for keeping at it. Connection across distances is sometimes tenuous but your blog helps me to feel that I am connected to a web of friends whom i admire and respect