Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I would like to welcome Library Journal readers who have come to read "Library - Tough Love" posts.

After checking out the LJ article by Michael Kelley dated March 22, 2011, I can see that there is a library rebellion under way in Salt Lake similar to the situation I blogged about a year ago at a certain library in Washington State. I just hope the staff in Utah sees a better outcome than my former co-workers who are still struggling.

Lack of skilled, innovative, and compassionate leadership is a problem that goes well beyond the library world.  Strategic plans filled with mind numbing details and often lacking an understanding of the past, sensitivity to the present, or thoughtful vision for the future, will not bring success to any organization - public, private, or non-profit. Organizations can thrive only when leaders have taken the time to build trust and work with not against their staff to solve problems and bring about constructive change. This approach requires time, patience, and humility. These vitally important traits are not valued by upwardly mobile managers seeking six figure (or higher) salaries.

Good luck to everyone out there quietly trying to make a difference.

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