Monday, July 18, 2011

A Flock of Turkeys

Is it me or is there a vortex hovering over us causing an increase in experiences with irritating people. Washington DC seems to be at the center of the vortex, but the effects have traveled at least as far as Oregon. 

Recently I was stupid enough to volunteer to be the president of my neighborhood association. I naively thought I could bring new ideas that would revitalize the group, but I ran head first into a control freak who is unwilling to give up her power over everyone. Having no interest in being a team player, she wastes everyone's time and then complains that she is not appreciated. 

A generous friend of mine gave a junior designer a chance to be part of a prestigious interior design project only to be bullied by the young "know it all." The young woman has also jeopardized the project by sending nut-case emails to the client and claims rights to a design she didn't even create.

My husband has been dealing with a couple of clients who want him to pay back money they lost in the stock market because they insisted on investing in risky securities. As if no one has ever lost money in the stock market before. No crystal balls here.

What happened to all the nice, semi-normal people? Were they sucked up into a vortex leaving all the turkeys behind. What does one do when surrounded by a flock of turkeys?