Wednesday, June 5, 2013

How Can I Be A Peacemaker?

I installed a collaborative artwork yesterday in Copeland Commons at Mt. Tabor Presbyterian Church/TaborSpace made of 200 origami doves folded by church and community members. People were invited to fold doves using sheets of hand painted paper and write messages, prayers, and/or blessings focused on how we can be “peacemakers, reconcilers, community builders, collaborators, and bring shalom to the world.”

The birds and blessings were first displayed on banner poles in the Sanctuary for Pentecost, on Sunday May 19th. This is a day when Christians reflect on empowerment by the Holy Spirit to speak boldly and listen intently to a message of Love, Joy, Peace, Justice, Patience, Compassion, Generosity, and Faithfulness. Christians believe that on Pentecost, Jesus descended upon his disciples in the form of a dove and filled each with the flame of his love and wisdom. 

Now the doves have moved to the Commons for all to enjoy! I believe that, peace, reconciliation, community, and collaboration are all words we should ponder in these days of constant conflict at home and around the world. We can each bridge the differences between people of all backgrounds and we can be a healing presence in the larger community.

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