Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Quilt #2 On The Frame

With quilt #1 off to LA, I had time this week to put the layers of quilt #2 together and mount them on the frame. It is quite a process. First the back of the quilt top has to be checked block by block for loose threads. Then the three layers - quilt top, batting, and backing - are laid out together to make sure they are ironed smooth and sized to match. The carpet in the living room is the only place big enough for this process.

After the batting and backing are cut to fit, the top and batting are pinned every few inches around the perimeter and then the two layers are rolled together for transport to the quilt frame in the basement. It takes some trial and error to line all three layers up on the frame. A small inconsistency in tension or angle could become a big problem as the quilt is stitched and winds onto the front roller.

Now that everything is in place I just have to decide which of several design options to use for the hand quilting. Hmm - diagonals, squares, curvy lines, hearts, zig zag - too many options. Maybe I should take a vote.

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  1. This is amazing. You give your kids love with each stitch.