Friday, October 25, 2013

"Land Ho"

Some of you have already heard that my son is working on a new movie. I've spent the last two months out of communication with him and in suspense while he, his co-director, and cast/crew filmed in Iceland. As mothers do, I worried about safe arrival/return, the weather, the logistics, and camaraderie (or not) among the cast/crew. I even worried about the food. Gary and I fed the cast and crew the last time around so we know how important a happy stomach is to movie success.

My suspense and worries were relieved when everyone arrived home safe a couple of weeks ago with a report - one day of unmanageable rain, the filming completed as planned, and a "mostly" drama free shoot. How was the food? Don't ask.

Now that the movie makers have returned and are buried in editing, communication with my son is understandably infrequent. Never fear, thanks to news blurbs starting to hit the Internet I can keep in touch and learn more than the filtered mom appropriate version of the details. Insignificant information such as - my daughter-in-law is a member of the cast and the name of the movie.

If you have any interest in following the progress of "Land Ho" click HERE for a link to their Facebook page.

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