Wednesday, December 4, 2013

It's Official - Sundance 2014

It's official. This afternoon at 1:00 Sundance announced the first group of films selected for the 2014 festival. So, why would I care? . . . drum roll please . . . because my son's film, "Land Ho," was chosen to premiere in the "NEXT" category at the festival in January of 2014. YAY!!!!!

Sixteen days ago Aaron called with the news and then swore me to secrecy. Do you know how hard it is to keep a secret that is this big and exciting? I had to act calm when people asked me, "How's the film coming along?" It's impossible to be calm when I want to jump up and down and share the good news.

I'm proud of Aaron not just because he made it into one of the most respected film festivals. I'm proud because despite all the difficulties associated with independent film making, he is following his dream with integrity, creativity, passion, and respect for all the people who make the final cut possible.

Congratulation to Co-director Martha and all the wonderful young people who put their hearts into this production.

Here is a link to the Sundance announcement: Sundance Institute Announces Films.

Here is a link to "Land Ho" Facebook page.

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